6 Helpful Ingredients for Men’s Health

June marks Men’s Health Month, a time to prioritize men’s wellness and vitality! Here is a list of 6 helpful ingredients that support men health:

  1. Zinc: Zinc is a mineral that supports immune system and hormone function. With zinc being involved in hundreds of the body’s metabolic enzymes it plays a large role in men’s health. This supplement can support muscle mass and promote fertility in men. A deficiency in zinc may result in lower testosterone levels and sperm counts.
  2. Muira Puama: Found in the Amazon forest, muira puama is often used to support healthy sexual activity. This plant can promote healthy libido and support the body’s natural sexual function. Muira puama also promotes the growth of neurons which supports memory and the learning process.
  3. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha offer’s several benefits for men’s health. By supporting healthy cortisol levels this supplement can support stress management and promote healthy cognitive function. Ashwagandha also can have a positive impact on men’s reproductive health.
  4. Stinging Nettle Root: Stinging nettle root is another supplement that has been shown to support men’s reproductive health. This plant promotes healthy sex hormone activity while also supporting the immune system.
  5. Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto’s primary mode of action involves promoting healthy testosterone metabolism. This supplement has also been used to support healthy prostate and urinary function.
  6. L-Arginine: Finally, L-arginine is an amino acid used to assist in protein synthesis. This supplement is best known for its role in the function of the vascular system. As a result, L-arginine may promote healthy blood flow and pressure.

Ultimately, investing in your well-being through the right supplements, alongside healthy lifestyle habits, sets the foundation for a stronger, happier you. Happy Men’s Health Month from Mountain Peak Nutritionals!